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Phoenix Pride Releases Policy on Police Participation in 40th Annual Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade

PHOENIX — In solidarity with LGBTQ Black and Indigenous People of Color, Phoenix Pride has announced a series of sweeping changes to its policies regarding the participation of local police agencies in the annual Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade, beginning with this year’s 40th Anniversary events, scheduled for November 7-8, 2020 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, with the parade taking place on Saturday, November 7, between Thomas Rd. and Indian School Rd. moving north up Third St.

Under the new policies, police and other law enforcement agencies will no longer have participating contingents in the Phoenix Pride Parade or booths/displays at the Phoenix Pride Festival. Individual police or law enforcement officers who wish to participate in the Parade will be invited to do so only as private individuals, without badges, firearms, non-lethal weapons or any other identifying gear or equipment present. In addition, police vehicles will not be included in the parade.

            In addition, Phoenix Pride is asking that the Phoenix Police Department use only unarmed, non-uniformed officers to manage required street closures and traffic restrictions around the Phoenix Pride Parade.

            Finally, Phoenix Pride is committing to engage only the minimum mandated number of hand-selected off-duty officers to be present at the Phoenix Pride Festival to meet the requirements set forth in the City’s permitting process for the use of Steele Indian School Park.

            The Phoenix Pride Board of Directors will continue to review these policies on an annual basis to ensure that they are best reflective of the organization, its mission and our community.

            Phoenix Pride’s leadership, including its staff and board of directors, continues to proclaim that Black lives matter, and we will continue to work with our community, with our allies, and with communities of color to stand united in seeking the end to oppression of all people and the realization of equality and equity for everyone.



Phoenix Pride is the producer of the two largest annual public LGBTQ community events in Arizona: the Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade held each spring in April, and the Rainbows Festival, held every fall in October. Founded in 1981, the organization engages year-round in its mission to unite, educate and engage people and partners to support and empower the LGBTQ community and its current and future allies. Additional information regarding Phoenix Pride is available online at the agency’s web site, http://www.PhoenixPride.org.

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