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Equality Arizona Launches Effort to Improve Adoption Process for all Arizonans

New project aims to ensure all children have a better chance of finding a family
Phoenix, AZ – Today, Equality Arizona has announced it is launching Project Jigsaw: Connecting Every Child with a Loving Family – a campaign focused on bringing Arizonans together to ensure that all prospective parents, regardless of sexual orientation, have the chance to create a loving and stable home for a child.
Currently there are over 17,000 children and youth in Arizona’s foster care system.
“We agree with Governor Ducey that every child in Arizona deserves a loving home,” said Catherine Alonzo, a Co-Chair of Equality Arizona. “There are a countless number of prospective parents out there who want to build a family and provide a foundation of success for a child. It’s time for Arizonans to do everything they can to make that a reality.”
The political and regulatory environment in Arizona makes it challenging for same-sex couples to adopt, despite the recent executive order from Governor Doug Ducey.   Many adoption agencies throughout the state continue to refuse representing same-sex adoptive couples, and same-sex couples are often considered bottom on the list of homes to be placed with children.  Moreover, some state agencies are still standing by some legal advice that the state should not allow married same-sex couples to jointly adopt or become foster parents in Arizona.
“Every child and every potential parent in the state of Arizona deserve to experience what my partner and I have experienced,” said Kevin Patterson, an EQAZ Board member. “Our dreams came true when we were introduced to two beautiful sisters who would forever change our lives and make us parents.  We are now building a family and providing a stable, loving home to our daughters.  Doesn’t every child deserve that same opportunity?”
The campaign is going to focus on public education and outreach, providing resources to all those who are involved in the adoption process, and advocating for policy changes to ensure that all couples and children in need of a home have the opportunity to build a family.
To learn more about the project, visit: www.equalityarizona.org

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