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The Fight for Marriage Equality in Arizona

A Community Conversation on Why the Courts are our Last Line of Defense

Phoenix, AZ-. On Friday, June 27th a community conversation discusses the role of fair and impartial courts in this fight in Flagstaff.Arizona Advocacy Network, a progressive, non-partisan civic engagement organization is hosting the happy hour event—The Fight for Marriage Equality in Arizona: Taking it to the Courts. Donna Red Wing, Executive Director of One Iowa and Meagan and Natalie Metz, Flagstaff residents and plaintiffs in Arizona’s marriage equality case, Connolly v Roche, will speak along with their attorney, Shawn Aiken.

This program is one of many in the Arizona Fair Courts and Judicial Diversity Project. Lead by Arizona Advocacy Network, Justice at Stake and Arizona Bar Associations, the goal is to strengthen Arizona’s merit selection system and courts with greater citizen involvement and qualified judges from diverse community backgrounds.

“By strengthening Arizona’s judicial merit selection system and increasing diversity on the bench, we protect Arizona’s fair and impartial courts,” said Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network. “In a post Citizen’s United environment, the merit system protects our courts from big money influences, which have undermined fair courts in other states.”

The courts are a safety net for many seeking justice, like Meagan and Natalie Metz.  “As residents of Flagstaff, a community we love, Natalie and I want our marriage to be recognized. We know we can’t rely on current Arizona lawmakers to be fair but we have faith in our courts,” Meagan Metz said. “There is an absolute need to keep our courts free from the influence of money and partisan attacks, to ensure they stay fair and impartial.”

The Fight for Marriage Equality in Arizona: Taking it to The Courts is June 27 at 5:30pm at The Inn at 410,located at 410 N Leroux Street. The event is free to the public with complimentary food and drinks. RSVP at AZAdvocacy.org or call 602-297-2500.

Arizona Advocacy Network works for electoral justice, political rights and full civic participation to achieve government of, by and for the People. Our work includes: strengthening Arizona’s Clean Elections system; advocating for full, immediate disclosure of all campaign contributions; promoting anti-corruption and conflict of interest laws including gift bans; guarding voting rights, voter registration and election integrity; defending Arizona’s judicial merit selection system, and protecting Arizona’s ballot initiative and referendum processes. Read more at www.AZAdvocacy.org.



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