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Joseph Lattanzi in Fellow Travelers

During the McCarthy-era Lavender
Scare, communists weren’t the only
government targets. Hostility directed
toward abolishing “homosexual
tendencies” in the government
created a world of fear and shame. In
Fellow Travelers, a chance encounter
between an ambitious college
graduate, Timothy Laughlin, and a
handsome US State Department
official, Hawkins Fuller, results in
Laughlin’s first job— and his first love
affair. Drawn into a maelstrom of
passion and deceit, he struggles to
reconcile his political convictions and
his “forbidden” love for Fuller. The
powerfully compelling production is
an ode to the importance of being
one’s self and the bravery it takes to
stand up to oppression. This moving
tale is based on the 2007 novel of the
same name by Thomas Mallon.
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